4 Reasons Why the Print Industry is Not Dying

People have been saying for many years that the print industry is dying. They are mistaken. The print industry is thriving and there are no signs to indicate that it will disappear anytime soon. There are many benefits of printed materials and many people still prefer reading from a book or paper than from a computer or tablet screen. Take a look at these reasons why print is not dead.

1. Print is easier to read

Regardless of the argument that digital reading saves trees and is more convenient, a study showed that 81% of American subjects preferred to read print on paper rather than on a digital screen. It is better on our eyes and our minds.

2. Printed books are easier to navigated

It has been shown that reading a book is much less exhausting than reading from a screen. The turning of pages, page numbers, and the structure of a book makes it easier for us to navigate the text. We know where we are, how far we still need to go, and it helps our brains to not become so drained.

3. We remember printed information better

Studies have shown that we remember and understand information better when we read it on paper. When a study was done with college students who had to learn for a test, the results showed that the ones who studied from paper knew their work better. The ones who studied from digital sources remembered the work more than understood and knew it.

4. Print is more credible

There is a lot of information on the Internet. Anyone and everyone can write something and claim it as true and real. Spam, scams, pop-ups and other such things have made people wary of clicking on just anything. These two factors may make it more difficult for online print to be taken seriously. There are ways to get around that and to make it clear that you are a reputable source. In general, paper printing is considered more credible than digital.

These points are very important for advertisers and marketers. It is clear that people are not ready to give up their paper-printed books. An approach that combines paper and digital advertising is the way to go.