4 Alternative Uses for the Business Card

Business cards are great tools for networking and promoting yourself and your business. However, the business card as such can be used for other purposes as well. The size and design of a business card lend itself to be used for more than just promotion or exchanging details. Business cards are thriving! Here are a few alternative uses for a business card that you should consider next time you go to the printers.

1. Appointment dates – Many hair and beauty salons use their business cards to help clients remember their next appointment. You can either add room for this at the back of your business card or make a set of separate appointment cards.

2. Loyalty cards – This is a practice that is often seen at car washes, coffee shops, or restaurants. Loyalty cards encourage repeat business by offering something for free once the customer has bought a certain number of products, visited a certain number of times, or used your services a particular number of occasions.

3. Drink coupons – Bars and networking events can make use of this practice. Patrons or guests have issued a coupon which allows them a certain number of free drinks for the night or event. Stamps or punching holes will keep track of the drinks if it is redeemable for more than one time. There are different reasons why you might want to offer your clients or attendees free drinks.

4. Parent cards – This is a unique idea that is ingenious. A parent card has your name and contact details on as well as the name of your child and what school he or she attends. This is handy for sharing information with other parents, teachers, and guardians that may look after your child after school.

These ideas may make you and your business stand out. Through all the masses of emails that people receive every day, your card may just be the thing that will get them to notice you and come back for more.

5. Promoting website on Back of card-  Many people leave the back of a business card blank. The truth is that is costs very little to make your business card double sided. Ask us about this service to spice up your card!


Here is an example of a website on the back of a business card:

clean affinity business card

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